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CiC group is a worldwide active intermediary and football consultancy group, servicing players and clubs from academy to top level. Talent development and cross-over knowledge is what drives us. Effective matching, solid individual careers and club development are the results of this. 



Individual player management
Best in class player guidance
Strategic career building
24 hours service package





Intermediary service
Proven track record in deal-making
Expert in timing and approach
Transparency for player and family





Club Consultancy
Strategic football management 
Custom made services for clubs
Neutral adviser on call





Market Analysis
Big data market analysis
Human factor personality matching
Services for clubs and players



Services and facilities:

Transfer Management
For more than a decade CiC group has been building strong relationships with clubs, directors, managers and scouts in various countries. Today, as a valued partner of both players and clubs, we manage all aspects of the transfer process and effectively match talent with international demand.

Personal Guidance
Bringing out the best in people. CiC group supports the professional and personal development of players. We facilitate, coach and guide players through the challenges of their professional careers including club culture, work ethics, finances and what to expect when playing in a foreign country.

Legal Services
CiC group offers players a wide variety of legal services. With a team of experienced sports lawyers, our legal expertise includes drawing up, filing and screening of contracts and all other legal services that may apply.

Mental coaching
CiC specializes in mental coaching and training. During the last 
decade we worked with both clubs and individual athletes in football and others sports. We help players become mentally strong and make the right choices in different situations, both in private and as a professional athlete.

Financial Management
Our carefully selected financial partners provide players with the relevant financial banking services, income tax advice and other national and international tax consultancy.

Personal Management
CIC group believes that players at a certain level become brands. For them
we generate the marketing tools needed for a campaign to gain brand name recognition.

Big data analysis
CiC group offers clubs and player a unique insight in its own database to find performance data, characteristics and the human factor aspect, effectively analyzed by our football market specialists.

Para-medical and nutritional advice
CiC group supports players in the fields of injury prevention and nutrition through professional partners. Our valued partners offer fitness tests, second opinions in case of injury and nutrition advice.


Club Consultancy   ‘Best practice is a result of cross-over knowledge’

Operating under the name Chin Football Consultancy (CFC), CiC group supports football clubs worldwide with strategic management and organisation policies, academy set ups, scouting, transfer strategies, stadium development and commercial activities.

Team of professionals
CFC offers a unique team of experienced professionals varying from club officials with a proven track record in different sectors of professional club management to international agents and coaches to enhance your achievements in all main areas of management en daily practice.

Tailor made services
Our products and services are custom made. Every club has specific parameters and effective football management requires tailored made policies. Therefore CFC supports clubs as an independent strategic partner on call.

Neutral adviser
CFC is a sparring partner. During meetings, workshops and clinics we help develop the right strategies, practices and work ethics by implementing knowledge and proven international success factors. The rest is up to you.

Call our Amsterdam based office us for a quote on:
·      Academy set up
·      First team management
·      Individual player & coaches development
·      Training methods
·      Organisation enhancement
·      Intensive coach courses or daily practice training
·      Transfer strategy
·      Stadium development
·      Marketing, licencing & sales

Tel: +31202082188


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