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Mental Coaching

CiC group offers mental training and coaching for athletes and coaches who perform under pressure on a daily basis. With more than ten years experience in this field CiC group is a valuable partner for any athlete, coach or team in any sport. With a team of three psychologists led by achievement coach Henk-Maarten Chin, we've been working with top-level athletes and teams for years.

CIC group coached Dutch Premier League football teams (RBC Roosendaal, Willem II and FC Dordrecht.), did the performance training of the Maltese Davis Cup and Federation Cup team, worked with the international track team Team Distance Runners and coached even the referees of the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB). Outside sports CIC group coaches the management teams of both commercial and governmental organizations and supports models and artists. A lot of international athletes have used our services during the last decade and we are proud to be part of their success behind the scenes.


In the personal mental coaching and official sports psychology generally four methods have been applied which arguably have led to results in improving performance. These methods are: mind control, visualization, ' intensity control ' and the right goal setting. In particular, the following mental aspects are trained with these methods: concentration, motivation, self-confidence, team spirit and resilience. The vision of CIC group is that advice and coaching programs based on the above should be transparent and directly applicable in practice. Learning and improving mental skills requires a lot of time and is a continuous and ongoing process. The successful elite athletes, artists, models, managers and coaches who are coached by CIC group, are aware of this. They focus on the mental aspect of performance, thus providing for a better performance.

Method and staff

CIC Coaching Center follows a fixed working method, which can be modified in specific situations.
This working method for the individual coaching process is based on:

  • An intake meeting
  • Four individual training sessions
  • An evaluation/practical feedback meeting

The working method for group processes and team building is done in consultation with the technical staff and/or management.
De coaching
staf of three sport psychologists is led by achievement coach Henk-Maarten Chin. He is the author of the Dutch books:
Mentale training & coaching in voetbal (with Robert Maaskant)
Matchpoint; tennis 
het mentale aspect