Welcome to the world of CiC group


Bringing out the best in people.

This philosophy is the core of CiC group’s activities in Sports, Fashion and Entertainment. CiC group manages and gives personal guidance to athletes, models and artists. We bring the worlds of Sports, Fashion and Entertainment closer together.



We manage top level players and young talent in football

We teach the game of tennis to players of all rankings.

We offer mental coaching for athletes, coaches and teams


We scout, train and manage models for the fashion industry.

We produce and photograph high quality fashion shoots. 

We manage make-up artists, stylists and bloggers


We manage and handle bookings of international DJs and artists.

We produce videos and publish our own magazine The Quan

We organise our own events in sports, fashion & entertainment

Official FIFA Players agent

Player success is built on talent and skills. But in football, just like in any other high performance environment, first class management and trustworthy relationships are key. CiC group understands the business and offers a complete package of services to develop professional careers. We are the intermediary of more than 80 players worldwide. Find out about our services and what our players say about us. 


CiC Tennis Academy

For more than 10 years, CiC group has been a reliable partner for tennis clubs throughout the Netherlands and a professional employer of tennis coaches. We take care of all the tennis lessons and league training at 25 clubs in the Netherlands. We offer a helpdesk open to all the members of the club, organizing a total package of administration, finances and on court training and coaching. Other coaches of the team, retaining the same standard, replace coaches, who are absent because of illness or due to other causes. Furthermore CiC group is a succesfull consultant to clubs on subjects as technical management, acquisition of new members and sponsorships.


CiC Music SFE

CiC group represents DJs and other artists. From arranging bookings and producing to providing individual management and matching artists, CiC group works hard everyday to develop musical careers, providing all preconditions that are necessary for artistic and commercial success. Every collaboration starts with a strategy based on the personal and individual background of our artists. Once started, we focus on reaching goals and making figures, but the emphasize will always be on the person behind the artist. CiC group is a professional and strong worldwide business partner, but moreover a personal and informal advisor.

CiC Models

CiC Models was founded in 2011. Since then CiC group represents both female and male models working on many different assignments all over the world.

The agency offers various individual development plans for models in different stages of their career.

CiC Photography

CiC offers professional photography and video services for fashion and lifestyle shoots. We also shoot all our portraits and editorials for our own media department and The Quan magazine.  

People in Fashion

Just as we do with models, DJs and athletes, we manage, guide, coach and assist fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, photographers and make-up artists. We call this group of fashion artists 'people in fashion'. For people in fashion we connect, find assignments, manage, give advice and even help out artistically if needed. In other words, we do everything necessary to develop the personal careers of our people in fashion.

Mental Coaching

CiC group offers specific mental training and coaching for athletes and coaches who perform under pressure on a daily basis. With more than ten years experience in this field CiC group is a valuable partner for any athlete, coach or team in any sport. With a team of three psychologists led by achievement coach Henk-Maarten Chin, we've been working with top level sportsmen and women for years.

CiC Media

CiC Media is the publishing house of CiC group. We publish and produce books, articles and videos about sports, fashion and entertainment to brand CiC group, but also for any other client active within sports, fashion & entertainment.

CiC group organises its own fashion and music events, sports travel and sports camps. 


Sports Camps

Sports Travel

Fashion Productions

Music Events