who we are

We are Chin International Consultancy Group. Our mission is to develop talent and bring out the best in people. We do this by managing and facilitating careers of talented people and offering consultancy and production services to organisations. 

With eleven different brands we strive to inspire, create unforgettable memories and out of this world achievements in sports, fashion, entertainment and design. 

As an organisation we focus on long-term relationships based on loyalty, mutual interests and shared enthusiasm. As professionals we want to become better people everyday, be an example to others and live up to our inner values. 

Chin International Consultancy is a group of companies led by a privately held holding (ltd).
We have been in business since 1992.

The first generation

Our founder
Professor Hendrik Ewald Chin Ph.D. (30-06 1934 – 14-03 2015)
Dutch adviser for the Surinamese government, director of the Surinam planning & statistics government bureau, member of the board of Surinam Airlines and till the end of his career Professor of International Business & Strategy at Aalborg University Denmark and Bradford University in the UK. He wrote three books on world economics and published hundreds of articles. He founded Chin International Consultancy in 1992 and was single handed responsible for a strong portfolio as an international research agency for governments and NGOs.

Senior legal & business adviser
Professor Robert C. R. Siekmann  Ph.D.
Director of the ASSER International Sports Law Centre in The Hague and Professor of International and European Law at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His expertise is international and European Sports law. He is the author of seven books on Football and Sports Law including ‘Players Agents Worldwide’ and ‘Sport, Law and Soccer rules’. He was responsible for the ‘introduction’ of Sports law as a legal field in the Netherlands. We are proud that he is still our senior legal adviser today.

Sales director
Hendrika WIlhelmina van den Bent
She was the first sales director in the early days of Chin International Consultancy. She was responsible for the acquisition of many research projects for governments and NGOs in the nineties of last century. When the direction of the company changed, she played an important role in the growth of the sports department. She retired from her position in 2008.

Board of Directors

Managing Director
Henk-Maarten Chin LL.M.
founded international Tennis College Baseline and sport management bureau SMC at a very young age working in different countries as a lawyer and sports & mental coach before returning to the Netherlands to take over the company in 2002. 

Operational Director
Harold Siekmann MSc.
Son of Professor Siekmann, finished his studies Public Administration at Leiden University and Sports Management at the Johan Cruyff University both cum laude and played top amateur football till his mid twenties. He started his career as an intern at Chin International Consultancy group back in 2002 and now leads our eleven different brands as operational director.

Creative Director
Andrew Chin BSc.
Earned his stripes as a creative mastermind at several top design agencies before joining the board of Chin International Consultancy group in 2013. The younger cousin of Henk-Maarten Chin has an extensive skill set, which combines the arts of design, photography, illustration, videography, animation, and music and he and his team are responsible for all brand design and communication strategies at Chin International Consultancy Group

team of professionals

More than fifty agents, bookers, talent scouts, coaches, designers, producers and administrators divided over eleven brands work hard everyday at Chin International Consultancy Group to bring out the best in individual talented people and offer exclusive sports, fashion, entertainment & design services to organisations.

our timeline

1992 - startup

The Dutch/Chinese economist and professor Hendrik Ewald Chin starts Chin International Consultancy (CIC) in 1992 when he receives a request of the Dutch government to do a big research project. There is a time frame and the company needs to be set up within six days, otherwise the project will go to another company. Literally one hour before the deadline the fax comes in, stating that the limited liability company is set up. CIC gets the project and an international consultancy firm doing research for Governments and NGOs is born. A successful period of ten years in international consulting is what follows.

2002 - succession

Professor Hendrik Ewald Chin’s retires and his lawyer son Henk-Maarten Chin follows in his footsteps. After working abroad for seven years, he returns to the Netherlands and takes over the company.

2002 - management

CIC enters the sports business market. Coaching and Talent Management in sports become the new core business. For the next ten years CIC focuses primarily on sports management and coaching and proves to be a trustworthy partner for many athletes and organisations.

2004 - football

CIC starts a football intermediary department. This brand is still at the heart of the company today and is one of the most successful departments of CIC group, servicing some of the biggest players in the world, coaches and clubs worldwide in various big football leagues.

2012 - fashion

CIC starts a brand new chapter and expands its activities to new markets. CIC SFE Management is born, facilitating not just athletes in sports but also models, bloggers, vloggers and image makers in fashion. CIC SFE Management evolves into an independent agency for talents in many different disciplines.

2015 - music

CIC Music is established. CIC Music offers management to artists and starts its own independent record label.

2016 - videos

CIC buys audiovisual production company Chinema. Initially to support CIC group’s other companies, but soon as a full service production company company for other organisations and individual professionals.

2018 - design

Chin Design & Art is a new chapter in the CIC history. Driven by passion for interior design and with a purpose not just to bringing out the best in people personally but also to create the best possible personal environment for happiness and well being, CIC starts an interior design company servicing corporate and private projects.

2020 - knowledge

A new research and development department is born. CIC Inside builds an online sports platform offering in-depth information and background stories in sports for individuals, schools, academies and universities and CIC Coaching offers coaching, education and research projects for both individuals, teams and organisations.

2020 - media

Online media consultant CCC joins CIC and together they form a new content creation and consulting studio helping organizations and individual professionals to tell their stories using mixed media on all social platforms under the name CCCCIC.


Our professionals have provided services among others to the following companies, clubs and public organisations and NGOs. (NOT included in this list are the individual names of our football players we service and other athletes, coaches, managers, DJs & artists, models, dance venues, promoters, festivals and tennis clubs we provide services for):

Marriott Hotels, ABN-AMRO Bank, ING Bank, Ajax Amsterdam, Morgan Davies London, Sheraton Hotels, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Elisabetta Franchi, Hermes, PSV Eindhoven, Tottenham Hotspur, Nike International, Adidas Europe, New Balance, Dynamo Kiev, Dynamo Moscow, Shakhtar Donetsk, Police Amsterdam-Amstelland, Advanced Management Implementation bv, TMC Asser Institute, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Luneng, AC Milan, Trabzonspor, Dutch government, Bradford MBA Business Studies, Manchester United, Versace, Sofitel Hotel Group, Southampton FC, Celtic FC, Malta Olympic Committee, Maltese Tennis Federation, TCM Academy Nederland, Aston Villa FC, Luisa Via Roma, Guess, Leeds United, Municipality Amsterdam, Liverpool, Luisa Via Roma, Guess, Sydney FC, Hearts of Midlothian, Olympique Lyonnais, Erasmus International Business Studies, Surinam government, Atletico Madrid, Valencia CF, Lancome, Roberto Cavalli, Toni Cohen, Ganni, Speedo Netherlands bv, Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB), Utrecht MBA Business studies, Academie Lichamelijke Opvoeding Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandse Atletiek Unie (KNAU), Koninklijk Nederlands Watersport Verbond (KNWV), Nederlandse Triathlon Bond, Nederlandse Racquetball Associatie, Merkenbureau MatchMark, Team Distance Runners, Prince Tennis, Vereniging Nederlandse Tennisleraren, Huib Troost Tennis Academy, Dunlop Sports, H2O, Molenaar GP Racing Team, Varenhof Racing Team, van Beek Racing Team, Babolat, Head, Wilson, Uitgeverij Bruna, Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam, PON, Nickelson, Municipality The Hague, La Bella Blanca, TU Delft, TV Tie-breakers