bringing out the best in people
The expression and development of talent is the foundation of happiness.
You can only reach your full potential in an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration.

That's what we believe.


football intermediary

Worldwide operating football Intermediary servicing players, managers and clubs from academy to top level since 2004.

research & development
We strongly believe in the power of continuous research and development, in our personal lives as well as professionally. This is a crucial part of peak performance. Our research and development department is set up to advise our clients and everybody who is looking for the best in-depth and cutting-edge information and techniques for (personal) development.
the studio
If it is our goal to bring out the best in people, we also need to contribute to the environment and circumstances people live in. That’s why we’ve created the Studio. To stimulate your senses. Because bringing out the best in people doesn’t stop with the obvious and although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is always a true happiness provider.