alles is moooogelijk he

it started with a vision

On a warm summer evening in 2002, lawyer and top sports coach Henk-Maarten Chin had a long conversation with his mentor, the well-known sports law professor Dr. Rob Siekmann and his son (and football fan) Harold Siekmann M.Sc in the large garden of the house of Siekmann Sr. in Uitgeest. The conversation was about football, as so often, but on this evening the emotions ran particularly high. The business and legal aspects of football, transfers and the development of players and the choices that they (along with their families) have to make at a young age were long and with passion bespoken. In the end, the attendees agreed on two things: (young) footballers are faced with difficult choices and must continuously develop in order to reach their personal top. That is not easy and that is why footballers need to be properly advised and coached. By people who not just have legal, sports and financial knowledge, but also know the specific laws of the football market. But even that is not enough. The most important thing is that these agents put the interest of the football player first and overview the longer term. That they are able to advise players and their families with integrity and that they help players make choices that benefit their development first and therefore their overall career. Looking back afterwards, CIC Football was born at that moment.

now here we are

More than 15 years later, CIC Football is one of the top football intermediaries in the Netherlands, but the vision on which we base our guidance of players and coaches and advise clubs is still the same. We build careers together with players, coaches and their families and offer facilities that promote their long-term development.. We advise and facilitate with integrity and with a clear vision. We always build long-term relationships, no matter how difficult this is in football. We have built up a large international network over the years and are active in all major football countries.